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To change proxy settings in existing Premier Project !!! Help.

I have a premier project I've been working on. I've created proxies for my footage. Its a very heavy edit. I've edited it a lot. But i created proxies in h.264 codec as the file size was very small. But as it turns out its hard for premier to decode them and the GoPro CineForm is a better choice. I tried it on a different project and it is blazingly fast. Now each time i open the one with h.264 proxy project it takes premier at least 10min to load everything in project, and scrubbing through project isn't very fluent.
Now i want to know before trying it on a actual heavy project where more than half of the project is edited, can i re-create the proxies from h.264 into GoPro CineForm codec, without affecting anything in my project.
Thank you :)

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Yeah, you can change your proxies, just make sure your video parameters are the same as the H264 proxies. If you're scared though that you might mess it up, duplicate your project and try it out on the copy.

May 25, 2018 at 8:57AM, Edited May 25, 8:57AM

Alex Alva

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