January 28, 2015 at 4:42PM


Changing f-stop within a scene.

So... I've paid for a filmmaking course and I feel like I'm recieving some questionable instruction. It could be that I'm just being silly in questioning it or it could be that it's just bad instruction. One key point that the teacher (and then the TA) stressed is that you don't change your aperture within a scene because your viewer will "notice it." Now, I get the whole concept of wanting the camera to be "invisible" to your viewer, but I feel like I've seen filmmakers change the f-stop plenty of times in a scene. For example: They'll shoot an extreme wide establishing shot with a near infinite depth of field, then go to a close-up with a very narrow depth of field. To me it seems like Now, I realize you can alter the depth of field by going to a much longer lens, but is it true that you don't ever change the f-stop while shooting a scene or is that a bunch of hooey? I'm having trouble finding any other information that supports or refutes this claim.

Any info or opinions is greatly appreciated.


Bonus question, is it easier to shoot outdoors in an overcast or on a sunny day with regards to getting even lighting? I would think overcast would be easier, but I don't know if you can make it look nice without additional lighting.

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