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Cinematography in 2D animation

I didn't know what it was called before so everybody can scratch all my old threads. Its not storyboarding. Because even when you're story boarding you need to think how is this shot/scene gonna look! This is where i have the problems. When I did 3D machinima it was easy to move a camera around to where you find the shot looks the best and is interesting- This is why I like anime and hong kong action movies. I really love the way they choose their scenes and the way the move cameras to acheive certain visual looks and scene mood.

Instead of having two characters talking in a flat 2 profile shot, birds eyes, slight skewed shots.. etc etc REALLY make the scene and convey so much more than dialogue or animation alone conveys.
So the question is- how do I learn to do this in 2D animation??


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whiteboard videos

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