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Classic Movies

Hello friends,
This question is not related to any sort of editing or film-making techniques; but just a small doubt that I will be thankful if given views and suggestions on.

Pardon me, if at all, if this is a stupid question.

How important is it for a film-maker to see classics (from Lumier Brothers, Sergei Eisenstein, Bergman to Kurosawa etc). To be honest other than the present generation of movie-makers (Hollywood, India and some from Europe) I have not seen much. It it a severe ‘mistake’? Is it that I am missing on the basics?

Yes perhaps as a film-maker one must be well equipped with the masters but at the same time don’t we have the tendency to be temped by their styles? Personally I love fast editing and am always fascinated with flashes and jump cuts and it is very hard for me to overcome this influence.

Can some one please suggest?
Once again, if ever this is too silly question, please forgive me.



You've made the right point once you had watched these movies they can influence you. And it`s not a bad thing if you don't blindly copy!

Me as a film studies student I'd say that you should watch these movies. It helps you understand a bit more to the film (history). If you like fast editing and jumpsuits it all leads to soviet cinema of 20s.

March 21, 2015 at 3:49AM


I don't think there's any "right" way to go about being a filmmaker, so nothing can really be a "mistake".

If you want to watch those films, do. If not, do your own thing. Influence isn't a bad thing, unless you straight up steal. Even then. Better to steal from the best.

Personally, I love film, so I watch as much as I can for the sheer enjoyment of great cinema.

March 23, 2015 at 6:25AM

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