May 29, 2017 at 7:18PM


Color Lighting/Post

I want to do a film with completely monochromatic colors, with one scene being all blue and another red. I don't want to just put a tint over it in Premiere cause it doesn't look that grade. How can I utilize color on set and in the camera, lighting, and production design to make it all one color and not just do it after the fact?

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To first approximation, but a narrow-pass optical filter on your camera. For example, a red filter or a blue filter that only admits a give wavelength of light +/- 5nm. You can then use various colors of red or blue clothing to get stuff that looks brighter red or blue (if it matches the filters band pass) or darker red or blue (going to black) if it does not. Such filters will take a lot of light out of your scene--probably 3-5 stops or more. So you'll need lots of light.

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