April 25, 2015 at 5:56AM

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Colour grading and on-camera monitor combo

I'm looking for something that possible doesn't exist, but here' goes anyway...

A monitor that's colour balanced which would work also work as a reference monitor when grading. So essentially a 5/7' on-camera monitor which I could then plug into my Mac to use as an accurate grading monitor.

I currently work with a Z-Finder Pro, Marshall 5', Samurai Recorder and the camera's own LCD... I don't trust a single one of them and find myself going between all 4 to get any kind of idea of what I'm getting.

Then after all the post's done I'll see the video projected somewhere or on another computer and think 'That looked a hell of a lot better on my 5K iMac'

So that's the question!
I really like the look of the TV Logic VFM-058W but I've no idea how to plug that into a mac... But that's another problem!


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