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Concerning inspiration and motivation

Hey guys -

Don't want to go into too much detail but I would love your help and advice;

I moved to London last year (after years of debating wether to do it or not) and worked my ass off for 3/4 months as a freelance editor/DP/Cam Op -, before hand I had worked freelance as those things too for about 5/6 years.

I moved back home feeling uninspired and angry at the film industry and my own failings within it -

I still want to shoot but on my own basis, I've also changed my ideas to teaching films in colleges (theory and practical, and am currently applying through the university system to undertake a PGCE)

In the mean time - I was wondering -

do you guys have any advice with shooting on your own back? Not corporate videos etc, but shooting films for the sake of it with minimal actors etc -
Do you have any exercises you regularly undertake to keep busy/challenge yourself?


I don't do much shooting for fun anymore, but cast and crew pretty much have to be cross-trained. Ie. one supporting actor is your boom operator so somebody else needs to take the boom for his/her scenes. Everybody is a grip on that kind of shoot. I went as far as doing a shoot with a crew of four and all four of us appeared on-cam. We all set up the set, lights etc. then I would run the camera because I only appeared in a couple of shots. No walk & talk because the mics had to be on boom stands. It helps that we story-boarded the entire production before going on location.

Of all the productions I've done with sub-minimal crew, we consistently had to loop almost all the audio in post. It had to take a back seat to getting the look/action which can't be corrected in post.

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Look at Phil Holland's work at REDUSER.net. Alan Turning Wood is about his father:


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