February 21, 2020 at 1:36PM


Constructive Feedback

I am a filmmaker / videographer and would appreciate some constructive feedback on my videography work.

Although clients and friends seem to like my work, the engagement rate (shares/likes) of my commercial content is very low and I am thinking I must be doing something wrong. It would greatly help me if you could have a look and give me some notes about what you think it does not work. Pacing/ editing/ photography/ color-grading, something else?

Here is the Vimeo link: vimeo *dot* com/showcase/1726872

For speed’s sake I am reposting this to other forums, with the hope to get as much feedback as possible to improve things asap.


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Hi Yiorgos. I took a look at your work, and it's quite clear to me what your issue might be. In terms of production value, you definitely need some polishing, with key improvements required in cinematography and audio mixing.

However, that's not the reason why you're not getting much engagement. Your problem relies on the content itself. You need to harness the power of storytelling to appeal to your audience. Even the best-crafted video might be ignored unless it grabs your audience attention.

Focus on creating a compelling narrative that hooks you after a few seconds. Intrigue, excite and persuade. Don't rely only on beautiful imagery to do the work. It's not just what you show, but also how those images absorbe you.

On the other hand, please understand this - engagement rates with organic content (non-promoted) are typically low, unless you know how to maximize your reach through multiple social platforms. Most commercial viral videos have an initial "media push" to increase viewership and engagement (meaning they're promoted with ads.) After that first push, views/shares/likes tend to go up organically.

One last piece of advice - track your content. Analytics for social media, video and web will inform you about who's visiting your pages, checking your videos and/or ignoring them. Know where your audience is coming from, and how they behave once they get to you. Understanding your target audience is your best path to improve engagement.

February 25, 2020 at 4:19AM

Vicent Llopis
Film Marketing Pro

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