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Controling fluctuating white balance during filming

Hello all,
Complete noob here and it would be a great help to get some direction if possible before I start filming.

Here is the scenario:
I want to shoot a simple forward motion (FPP) that moves from a hallway into a small bathroom and I want it as one shot. Does this mean I have to have my lighting balanced from the hallway into the bathroom? (regarding WB) For the scene inside the bathroom I would like it to be darker as there will be an actor playing dead in the bath with candles illuminating there face, i will of course need some lighting in the bathroom but that's where I envisage the problems starting to arise. I will also be switching lenses once inside the bathroom (from 24mm to 50mm) as I want to get in close to the actor.

I wont be shooting in RAW btw and I don't want to do this in post as I believe it would be better if I can get the WB right during the shot.

Any tips or suggestions would be great.
Thanks in advance.


Candle color temperature is approx. 1700K. So I would probably use tungsten lighting, 3200K, and balance for that using a grey card. Your camera probably has a function that will allow you to do this. The candle flame will appear a little warmer than it is to the eye... but this is usually a desirable result.

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Jerry Roe
Indie filmmaker

Thanks for the advice Jerry !

August 5, 2018 at 4:49AM


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