April 2, 2020 at 2:45AM


Convert 30 or 60fps footage to smooth 24fps realtime no slowmotion?

Hey Guys,

I have recently shot a bike edit in 24 fps and 60 fps.

I have made the edit in a 24fps sequence but some of the footage that is in 60fps needs to be played in realtime with no slowing down to 24fps.
I am aware that if I just let it play on the 24fps sequence in realtime it is not as smooth because its not filmed at the right shutter speed for 24fps.

There are a far few clips that are filmed in 60fps in a row and you can tell it isn't smooth playing in realtime.

Is there a way to make 60fps footage look smooth with no jittering like 24 fps?

I am looking into plugins like Twixtor to see if it is possible that way but cant find any straight answers whether they work for this particular application.

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