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I was contracted by an large law firm to produce testimonial videos, seminar videos and lawyer profile videos. The person who hired me and who was managing the firm's marketing asked that I post the videos on my youtube account because they didn't want to deal or learn how to post the videos themselves. Their website currently links 3 dozen videos to my youtube account. We did not sign any contracts, just get video done, uploaded and get paid. This person in charge of the marketing was let go and someone who took their place asked that I provide all of the videos in mov format. I did, and did not charge firm for this hoping that I would garner future business with the new marketing manager. Months, later I found a dozen or so of the better videos I made on a law marketing website who must now be working with the firm. What's more, the firm had hired this person or persons behind the law marketing website to do a series of testimonial videos similar to the one's I had done.

Am I obligated to any compensation for the use of my work?


You were paid for services rendered, it's their material to distribute as they see fit unless you contractually agreed otherwise.

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That's what I thought. Thanks Stephen!

December 8, 2016 at 2:01PM

Joseph Bolinger
Owner, producer, etc.

Well it's more complicated that what Stephen said. First thing first, it depends on the law of the country you are in. In europe where I live in, the autor is the owner the product unless you sold the rights to someone else. It is impossible to totally remove you from a part of the rights and even if you sold the right you still get paid something everytime your video is air. So in this case you could ask to be paid for every client that uses the video you made. If they didn't mention your name it's a fraud too so you could get a compensation for that.
Check that with you lawyer, and if you don't have one, just let it go, it's a large law firm, you probably have more to loose in attacking them than them.

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Thank you

Joseph Bolinger

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