October 10, 2018 at 3:43AM


Copyright question (using audio from TV programmes)

Hi everyone
I'm shooting a short film and there is a scene where I'd like to use audio clips from a TV programme.
I'm not using the music (sig tunes) of that programme, or any audio where the name of the channel or presenters is mentioned. I just need the audio as background in the scene. We will mimick the scene to show that the TV is on, but obviously we're not showing the footage on TV.
I contacted the broadcaster for permission but they haven't responded. Aside from adding the programme's name and the source in the end credits, is it imperative to get permission from the broadcaster?
I don't yet know where the film will go but obviously we want to show it at festivals globally and maybe get a TV deal (even if that's a slim chance).
PS: The film is German, the source of the footage is the UK....

Please advise?

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