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Cover Letter for Film Festivals

Hi everyone,

I'm getting ready to submit a documentary short to a few film festivals. I noticed that FilmFreeway and Withoutabox allow cover letters with submissions for most festivals. How important is it to submit a cover letter with my film? Will it really have a major impact on whether it's chosen or not? I guess I always figured film festival programmers are busy enough with watching every submission that submitting a cover letter never really crossed my mind.

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The most important thing a festival will be interested in is whether your film can get bodies in seats. So, if you have a local crew with tons of local friends and family who would be attending, make sure they know that. Else, some may care if there is a celebrity connection, some won't. If you got grants or such to create the film, that's a good thing to mention too. However, feel free to not bother filling this in; they don't really get more than the briefest skim at most.

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