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Creativity. How do I be one?

Hello nofilmschool,
Just had a very tough day at work, and I needed some heart-to-heart talk.

I have been on the editing field for almost 4 years now. All awhile my edits are pretty bland as the content doesn't interest me as I am attached to a company back in my old work place. My usual videos are highlights of events/trailers for an event/a low budget corporate video with insane amount of passé infographics.

After 2 years of editing at the old place I decided to moved to a different country and found a job as an editor too.
There is where things get pretty challenging as things are different now. Story-telling and pacing of video plays a vital role in the edit.

My director (which is also my boss that gives my paycheck) is a filmmaker himself, I picked up a lot of pointers from the things I learned.

But now it comes to a point where all my edits are constantly rejected in the 1st cut. It come to a point where I feel very demotivated by my own edits, it just feels like I lack TONS of creativity.

I have no problem piecing up trailers/ads/commercial as the attention span is not that long compared to a longform video.
It is just piecing up a 5-8 minutes video that I'm having problem.
The video mainly consists of:-
1. Several talking heads of interview (3-5 people mainly)
2. A lot of rushes/b-rolls

My director (boss) will just give a few pointers and guide as how he imagine the final video would be and I will be cracking my head several sleepless nights trying to piece up a good flow of the entire video. WHICH ENDS UP BEING REJECTED.

So yeah, ultimately my question is, how do I get creative?

I apologise for the lengthy essay and excuse me for my bad english.
Thank you if I could get a shed of light of what I'm looking for.


The question is what kind of feedback are you getting, if they are specific notes on edits and each and every time the feedback is better than what you did you might be the issue, but if there notes are justale it more creative without any real guidance or references you just have crappy management. Either way don't get discouraged, talking head industrials are not the place to determine creative talent

May 29, 2017 at 9:31PM

Indie Guy

It would be much easier to answer if I knew what is your boss telling you after rejecting your work. (ex. cuts are too short/long , pacing/rhythm is not correct )

You can of course watch other videos similar to your work and analyze them . (how long are the cuts , rhythm etc )

You said you dont have problem editing small vids like trailer, so try to treat each scene / portion like you would treat a trailer then look at the whole. Make necessary tweaks. It's just a thought , but it might help.

Good luck on your next edit.

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