April 16, 2015 at 6:02AM


Digital Bolex Price

After months of research, I've decided that my next camera upgrade is going to be the Digital Bolex D16. Even with the major NAB announcements, it's still the camera that inspires me the most.

However, with NAB in mind, there is now considerably more competitive competition with the D16 from other cameras with similar price points and features (especially with the announcement of the URSA Mini). On paper, it seems like the D16 might be due for a price drop, but I haven't been well-versed in the world of cameras for very long, so I could be completely wrong about this.

I'd honestly love to buy the camera today, but I'd also wait if I knew it was going to be significantly cheaper in the near future. Am I being foolish with my hesitancy? Any advice would help.


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