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Distribber or Amazon Video Direct?

Hey everyone,
For distributing a feature on Amazon Instant Video, I'm wondering which will be more effective in getting the film to an audience: Distribber or Amazon Video Direct?

With AVD, there is no middle-man and getting your film on the service is essentially free. Meanwhile, Distribber is charging over $600 for the same thing. In both cases the promotional art, video assets and captions/subtitles are on you.

Does going through Distribber prioritize your film over something that's submitted through AVD? Will it put the film in front of more people as opposed to being buried in the bowels of the service?


Please note Amazon Video Direct has recently changed their royalty rates for filmmakers, which is not good. More info via IndieWire:

March 17, 2018 at 12:42PM

Owen Mulligan

Yeah, I saw that... Is it possible they're trying to deter so many people from dumping their garbage on the service? I've seen stuff pop up that are basically glorified youtube videos.

James Couche

March 17, 2018 at 9:20PM

Put on Amazon yourself. Research what you should do and do it. Distribber should charge you if you're having them do the research for you. There's no magic wand that Distribber waves for you. Amazon doesn't care how you got on there (unless they brought you on in one of their special programs).

But I'm curious on the timing of your question. Do you have a film already made and didn't think through distribution until now? Or are you just researching what's out there as you plan for your film? Listen to enough podcasts and videos out there, you'll find that things are always changing. Stay up on them and have a general plan. But who knows what the sort of Indie Film distro plans will be available a year from now.

March 17, 2018 at 6:10PM, Edited March 17, 6:10PM

Producer/Writer/Director/Prop Maker

I actually have a feature in development (my first) and wanted to have a plan for release. I listen to tons of podcasts and gravitate toward indie distribution. What's the point of making something if nobody sees it.

I've put plenty of my short films on Amazon through AVD and I'm consistently surprised (and puzzled) by the organic viewership. I was just curious if submitting a feature through Distribber would help give the film higher visibility, otherwise I'll just submit it myself.

I'm also looking into how to self distribute internationally (if possible), so if you know of any good information on that please send it my way.

James Couche

March 17, 2018 at 9:12PM, Edited March 17, 9:12PM

AVD for sure. Distribber will charge you $ to do the exact same thing you can do yourself (in the case of Amazon). Now, Distribber can gateway you onto other platforms that are not DIY, but I advise against that. I paid $1000 to a similar service to get my indie film "Pool Party Massacre" on Itunes (sale and rent) and I put it up on AVD myself (sale and rent). Amazon sales VASTLY outpaced Itunes - and I did not pay to get the film on there (now, Amazon does take a bigger cut of each transaction, so conceivably there would be a point in which the numbers would flip and Itunes would be more profitable - except only a tiny fraction of sales came there anyway).

I wish I could say why more people chose to rent/buy the film through Amazon vs. Itunes, but it was a factor of about 10:1.

I would suggest putting it on AVD, and then directing all of your marketing/social media muscle to drive people to that one point of sale. Our film has been out a year, and we are actually finally looking at "regular" distribution offers after recouping a few thousand ourselves on VOD.

If interested in seeing the trailer, here it is:

March 21, 2018 at 9:27AM

Brian Mills

It's weird... the whole Amazon sales > iTunes sales seems to be coming up a lot whenever I hear interviews with indie filmmakers. I really want to know why that is. So many people fork over $$ to get their films onto Apple's platform, but it doesn't really seem like the best return on investment; at least not compared to Amazon.

James Couche

March 23, 2018 at 11:02AM

Amazon announces 100 million subscirbers but can't pay but 6 cents an HOUR for content? I'm done being exploited by this one way arrangement and will be removing ALL of my content immediately. Best of luck to the rest of you and the continuing devaluation of indie content.

April 19, 2018 at 3:50AM


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