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Do youtube channels matter to help you promote yourself as a filmmaker?

Lately I've been obsessed with getting my name out there in youtube. To be honest I've never really started filming/ urged to become a filmmaker until last summer. But I'm 17 so I guess that's not too late right? I've managed to gain almost 30 subscribers...not marvellous but not bad for me. My question is do youtube channels matter? My average views for short films range about 80-300 views. How to get myself out there really? Should I keep trying youtube or vimeo? I also joined a film festival but didn't manage to get short-listed unfortunately. TO be honest I've been creating films at least like 2 times per month since then and been posting my new edits on Facebook almost weekly (feel like my friends are getting annoyed by that). Well-any suggestions?


Hi! Youtube definitely helps you to show of your work but nothing more than that. You shouldn't take it as indicator of your professionalism or talent. I remember I've randomly bumped on the youtube video where two horses where having sex, and it got something like 6000 000 doesn't mean that the person who shot it on his phone is a good filmmaker or is he? There should be much more than just the number of views on youtube.

December 10, 2014 at 7:50AM, Edited December 10, 7:50AM

Einar Gabbassoff
D&CD at Frame One Studio

That's exactly where you want to start! shoot your stuff and let the world feel it out and then you grow from there!

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Wentworth Kelly
DP/Colorist/Drone Op

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