February 6, 2015 at 7:46AM


Documentary Filmmaking: Nikon D5200 vs. BMPCC

Hello! I had a quick question about cameras. I currently own a Nikon D3100, but I'm looking to film a small documentary so this is not suitable. I'm trying to decide between the D5200 (I have Nikon Lenses, DX format as I'm used to, but less video-centric) vs. the Black Magic Pocket Cam (new micro 4/3 format and as such, no lenses, less conducive to run and gun I would think for doc purposes, etc.). This camera would be my personal camera, so I would be keeping it and it is generally to be used for B-roll as I have access to a school studio and more professional camcorder for interviews.

Another consideration is price. I plan to sell my D3100 (so let's say that's $150). Obviously the BMPCC is more expensive and on top of that I'd have to purchase entirely new lenses, whereas with the D5200 I have lenses already and its cheaper.

If anyone can speak on difficulty color grading (will the D5200 allow for as many color possibilities as the BMPCC?), visual quality, workload, etc. that would be awesome! Thanks for any help!

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