April 13, 2017 at 11:43AM

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Does the Sony FS100 hold up to today's standards?

I'm currently looking through various cameras to purchase for the company where I work. We are currently working with a Canon t4 and my personal camera, a Sony a5100.
The work load is generally short-form social media videos for local businesses, though we also make music videos and cover live events.
Because most of our work ends up on social media outlets we really don't need 4k, heck most of the time 720 would probably be fine. I'm trying to convince my boss to invest more, but currently he has set the budget at around $1000 (I think I can convince him to go up to $1500). This is making me look at older, previous gen cameras and there aren't many comparison videos (this one gave me a starting place for low-light capabilities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNwcRZKJjbY ) pitting the fs100 against latest gen cameras. We would be buying the camera used. I am also considering the gh4(used) and a6300/6500.

I wanted to ask around and see is any previous or current owners could shed some light.

Does the fs100 hold up visually against similarly priced current-gen cameras? Mostly concerned about low-light and dynamic range.
What holds it back?
What does it still do well in the current market?

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