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Editing Canon 5d m3 footage for Cinema

Previously I've worked with mostly all film & Digi Cine Cameras like Alexa's, Red's & Sony's.
I will be using 5D Mark 3 footage for the first time for Digital Cinema release. As we know it shoots at 23.98fps and not true 24fps, so how do you keep your workflow? As previously I was used to either Betacams coming in or movs of digital footage at 24fps. So the entire post pipe line consisting of DI, Sound & VFX worked at 24fps.

Since 5d footage is not 24 fps. What should I be doing in this scenario?
Few options what I though about were.
1) converting the footage to apple proress 24fps
2) interpret footage to 24 fps in premiere pro
3) work on 23.98 project and export as 24fps.

Kindly help me out of this urgently if any one has done this before or have knowledge about.

My choice of NLE for this is Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2015.


Most digital cinema systems work perfectly well at 23.976 fps. Only if you are striking a film print and projecting that film print do you have to worry about true 24fps. And if you have to match with other footage that's 24 fps then one of the two frame rates needs to be conformed to the other. If I were you I would seek to confirm that 23.976 is acceptable and go with it if so.

June 3, 2016 at 7:53AM

You voted '-1'.

23.976 is the standard for digital film, 24 fps is only for real film projecting

June 6, 2016 at 9:43AM


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