February 5, 2017 at 7:31AM


Editing a film with Final Cut Pro X - Postproduction Blog

After having worked for a decade as an editor and having passed through the three standards of all non-linear editors, I had the chance to face a feature film from the shooting set itself. The premises were clear: we were filming everything in multi-camera, looking for a documentary look, and not all the locations were under control, so we needed to adapt to the circumstances or even stealing some shots. There were two more details I needed to be aware of: the leading characters weren’t played by actors, and yeah, I was going to be by myself during the whole process.


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Very nice detailing of your FCPX workflow. I have used FCPX occasionally over the past year (mostly due to problems with Premiere Pro CC 2015.X), but I have not yet really put it to the test by doing a major project with it. Thankfully, Premiere Pro CC 2017.2 seems relatively well-behaved, but I know I should always have options. I will definitely refer to your blog post if I decide to do my next project with FCPX.

February 6, 2017 at 6:04AM


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