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for editing, would you rather a 4k laptop or one with an IPS-matte monitor?

Hi everyone,

So I'm planning on buying a laptop for (offline) editing, (PCs with same specs get too expensive) but an IPS-matte 4k laptop is way too expensive for me.

I can either get lenovo 5070 (i7 2.6 4720HQ, 16gb d3, 1tb+8ssd, gtx 960m 4g) which has 4k resolution on a 15.6 non-ips monitor (wouldn't the smallness of the monitor be a problem?)


asus n551 jx (i7 2.6 4720HQ, 8gb d3, 2tb, gtx 950 gf 4gb , 15.6 , matte-IPS)

I'm currently editing on 1024x768, so I'd be more than happy taking either route. Also I haven't seen an either IPS or 4k monitor yet, but some full hd monitors that I've seen don't feel like much of an upgrade from my 1024x768.

Of course, my eyes are not that trained, and I only saw those laptops in a shop for a limited time...

But given my circumstances, I'm not really good at color correction, maybe it was due to bad monitor or I just lack the talent, I'd like to learn more in future.

Which one would come more in handy, a 4k monitor or a matter IPS?



Editing and coloring are two different things. If you want to edit, get a screen that has enough real-estate for you to feel comfortable with your workflow. And have enough resolution so that you can critically evaluate whether the focus etc is good enough or whether you should try to find an alternate clip or story line.

If you want to color (beyond the absolute bare bones basics), you really need to step into the world of calibrated monitors. There are exceptions to every rule, cannot mix a record on headphones, you cannot color a movie on a laptop, and you cannot win the lottery by just buying one ticket and playing the first six numbers that come into your head. The reason that some records sound good on headphones and the reason that some movies look good on laptops is because good engineers used good tools and techniques to ensure good translation to a wide variety of environments.

It's also possible to reliably win the lottery, but such techniques are generally not legal.

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so, is it just the monitors or do I need to get a PC? (I know PCs deliver better performance)

is it a good idea to get a laptop and connect it to an external calibrated monitor? (the only reason I want to get a laptop is cost, I wouldn't want to carry it around anyway)

+you didn't mention IPS at all, it doesn't seem to be as important as color depth and precision when it comes to grading, right?

I know I'd get what I pay for, and I don't expect to be able to grade hollywood level, I just prefer it if I could get started right now (acceptable level) and then upgrade my system as I make progress (like get additional displays and ...)

I'm looking at DreamColor and NEC P232W-BK , which one would you suggest?


September 25, 2015 at 11:48PM

IPS matte, no question. Also, get more RAM. The graphics card won't matter much for editing.

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