June 11, 2018 at 6:39AM


Fast Track Your First Draft Screenwriting Course

The 15 MINUTE METHOD is going to take that great idea you have for a movie and help you transform it into a fully-fledged first draft of a screenplay, and we’re going to do it fast! We’ll take you through an online step-by-step guide that’s both simple and efficient.

Not only have we broken down the structure of a screenplay into manageable 15-minute sequences, we’ve also stripped down the development process into achievable 15-minute exercises that’ll take you from concept through to first draft with a structured series of assignments, examples, and handy hints.

Screenwriting isn’t an exact science, this is just one of several methods, and although the emphasis here is on structure and plot development, we don’t want to hamper the creative process. Don’t feel you need to follow the workbook precisely page by page. Each section can be filled in whenever you need, and you can go back and forth between sections if required. Get used to making notes, brainstorming, moving things around, and having fun!

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