January 10, 2020 at 7:32PM


Feature Doc FCP 7 Edit Conundrum

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if someone can suggest an easy way through my current conundrum.

My old laptop died recently, it was a 2015 model and I'd been running FCP 7 on it as I have a feature doc we started on that software years ago.

I got my sexy new Mac laptop, only to find that I couldn't dual boot to an older copy OS, which I need to run FCP 7.

I would like to migrate it over to Premiere Pro, but have been struggling to find someone with the right OS and old enough hardware that I can easily access in my area.

What I am wondering is this - if I sent just my FCP project file to someone without the media (but the right hardware/software - running FCP 7), would they be able to export me the XML's so that I could then take that, run it into Premiere and re-build things from there?

I'm okay if I need to re-grade the whole movie, but. I definitely need all those cut points!

Will this work?

As right now the only other option seems to be to buy an old laptop, which seems a bit crazy, and quite a hassle!

Any help, suggestions or advice would be welcome. If you've tried this and succeeded I would LOVE to know!

Thanks in advance,


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i'm just having the same problem has you, but every time i try to download the update from Apple i get an error unknown after 2Mb of download ...
do you still have this update ?
thank you..

January 30, 2020 at 12:15PM

Gopaal Thakur
Public relations representative

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