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Is there a place at NFS to post short videos, or links to them, to get feedback from it's viewers?

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No. Post them on Vimeo or YouTube, and then include those links on your postings. I think it's best to introduce a video with a written blurb and specifics about the feedback you are looking for. I think it's just sloppy to say "I just posted a video on YouTube at [URL]. What do you think?" I think it's respectful to your audience to say "I just finished a 48 hour film challenge with two friends. The three of us were given the prompt 'An apple...but not that kind of apple." We decided to do in in a noir style using only practical lighting. I'm particularly interested in what you thought about the dialog, but critiques on color grading also welcome. Thanks!"

January 15, 2017 at 4:04PM


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