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Film Camera Set up for under $500 (maybe $600)

So I want to be a film maker when I get older and am taking video classes in my highschool. I usually spend my free time making videos that only my friends see. However I would like to start building a portfolio. Of course for that I would need a camera. I have saved up a lot of money for a car, and I have $600 extra.

The project I am working on right now is a documentary on StreetArt.

I would like to keep it under $500 but if it is worth it I would bump my budget. I am looking for a good camera, as well as equipment to use with it. Addons that help with handheld filming because I am going to be doing a lot of that as well as I mic. But I will probably just get a Rode Shotgun mic because it would work well for what I am working on. I have always just used the cameras from my school so I am not sure as to what to buy other than the camera. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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This really isn't enough money to be worth buying a camera, if you have an iPhone i would start working on getting gear to support that, 500 dollars will barely buy you a camera body and maybe 1 budget prime.

Take a look at Filmic : http://www.filmicpro.com/gear/ , I would get a cage , possibly a stablizer. that will run you around 250, and then I would buy a Zoom H4n for audio to compliment the iphone or android.



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