May 11, 2015 at 7:44PM

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Film Production Partnership?

Hello everyone!

I own and operate a very small production company, and we're currently developing a film project in conjunction with a local organization. This organization already has an established brand, under which we're planning on releasing the film. Things are getting serious, and we're working on setting up a partnership between my company and the organization.

They're providing brand recognition, some up front cash, and access to quite a few investors. We are actually producing the film – writing, producing, directing, hiring cast/crew, post-production, etc. Essentially it's our film, championed by us, but we're getting a big boost from the organization, in terms of network & resources.

So, who owns what here? How is this typically done? We're essentially doing all the leg work, but they're sort of acting as executive producers. The film will have both our names on it. Who retains the rights? Do we split the winnings, if it miraculously makes a profit? We have every intention of finding a distributor, and this is a process we will front.

It's not like they conceptualized this, and are hiring us... if that were the case, they'd pay us for our services and would retain the rights. We're in it as much as them. We've always referred to the project as a collaboration, but now we've got to set it up legally. Any advice??

Thanks in advance!

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