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Film Stock Emulation used in feature films

Hello all, I have seen many color grading breakdowns, many used film stock emulation as a base grade, I'd like to find out which


In the industry they either use real film and then you get the film stock look or you film digital and then you want to achiev a really noise clean image.
Emulation film stock is something which is mostly used in documentaries and in indi short films because both cannot afford film cameras.

May 6, 2016 at 12:10PM

Eric Halbherr
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Thanks! :)

Edoardo Cantini

May 8, 2016 at 7:45PM

Actually, Vinyl (a really awesome show on HBO, in case you haven't heard) was shot on the Sony F55, and they used film emulation to fit the period.

I'm also pretty sure Ridley Scott's Rush used film emulation, but I could be wrong.

So no, film emulation isn't solely fodder for low-budge pieces.

Kenneth Merrill

May 10, 2016 at 1:43AM

Film is going to dead in the movie for a lots of problems, first is that most of dev laboratories closed their doors, in the industry fast and immediately digital approach is preferred. In many movie you can see different media digital and film mixed for many reason, from ability to shoot with a smaller camera or less expansive than an arri or a pana in a dangerous situation. If you seen Batman vs Superman, you can see since 7 different media. Film stock at end help uniformize most of them on single "look".
two different point of view :
- film emulation is nice to have a look of film xxx (saturation contrast sensibility to some color rather other), and help to uniformize the look.
- film emulation do the magic to transform digital to film look WRONG WRONG WRONG

to work well with film emulation software/plugin/luts you MUST shot like with film, exposure, light, makeup and more ... you MUST have a good DoP and an EXCELLENT DiT to manage correctly shooting and picture to allow to a good Colorist to build a strong and stable picture to apply finally the Film stock emulation (the colorist do that, not you).

If someone think that a simple plugin could do magic, is wrong, the film stock emulation help a lots to reach the target of film look, but you work a lot before to apply and after applied.

for me best simulation is filmconvert, less aggressive but manageble film stock emulation that i used which allow me to find again the taste of film (but only when i give him raw log footage well exposed and well shooted).

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Carlo Macchiavello

On the topic of digital and emulating the 'film look'

May 12, 2016 at 3:17AM

Zack Wallnau
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Guys, i saw this only now, thanks y'all for the replies!

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Edoardo Cantini
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