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Filmmaker Kit for sale

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ATTENTION FILMMAKERS!!! in Los Angeles or Orange County areas...

I need to get rid of all my stuff here. I'm low balling as much as I can. The BMMCC is in great condition. I bought it at BHPHOTO in 2015. I can show receipt. Your getting ALL what you see in the pictures and what is described here. ALL goes together as a package.

BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera with Small Rig cage
Metabones Speedbooster EF to MFT
IKAN 3.5mm 4k monitor
2- LP E6 Canon Batteries
2-HDMI cable
Rode Video Mic Pro
Tokina 11-16mm MFT Cinema lens.
Hoya UV/IR Cut Filter ( a must for Blackmagic cameras)
Tiffen ND filters
Original Box and SD cards, and accessories that came with the BMMCC
E-Image Tripod
Juicedlink Little Darling Pre-Amp with 3.5mm cable that goes into camera and has connector for headphones,and the small accessories that you see in the pictures.
A Vanguard divider bag to protect your camera and accessories. I take care of my stuff.

This set-up is ready for filming and even run and gun. It is very light if you use MFT prime lens.

The Metabones Speedbooster adapter is the first original one, not the newer T model. It works fine with the 50mm Zeiss, 35mm Canon L lens, Sigma-17-50mm, Tokina 11-16mm, lens. Those are the lens I have.

The Ikan Monitor works great and last a really long time with just one battery.

The BMMCC is great , no issues. Just put those zebras at 100 and give it plenty of light and your golden.

I'm no longer using it, i'm moving towards sound and camcorder style cameras.

Your getting a great deal with all the accessories included. Check the links below to see what your getting into.

....Ask me any questions...

Ikan Monitor review


Blackmagic Micro cinema camera


SmallRig Cage for BMMCC



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