September 10, 2014 at 10:40AM


Final Cut Pro X?

What are your thoughts on FCPX? Have any of you used it? Have any of you used it since the abundance of updates? Pros? Cons?


I love it. I've been on board since it first came out. The newest update is a big improvement over the older versions. I haven't had many issues as of late, some of the earlier versions there was many issues but lately everything has been good.

Long form stuff is a but tough just with the organization structure and layout. I have done a feature in it and found it a little awkward but I love it for short form stuff and corporate projects. I love the key wording and simplicity for quick and dirty projects. I wish there a decent audio exporting option but there is work arounds.

I think the pros and cons are really user dependant. For the magnetic timeline is probably the best thing I have worked with in a long time, however when editing a feature it gets a little annoying sometimes but overall l love it. Biggest con is the audio exporting for me. The integration with resolve is awesome and makes grading super easy.

Overall I love it. You really do need to spend the time to learn it and get use to the workflow since it is a learning curve.

September 10, 2014 at 11:11AM

Chase Axton

I believe wholeheartedly that it is, indeed, a professional editing solution.

But it is not the professional editing solution for me. And that's really what NLE selection comes down to. If anyone says a particular NLE is "faster", "more powerful", or just generally "better" than everything else, they are full of it. Best for them, sure. But best for everyone is nonsense.

FCP X isn't the program for me for a variety of reasons. Most notably, the change in how editing and media management is handled just isn't comfortable for me. I was trained in a more traditional editing mindset—3-point-editing, flattening everything down to one track, traditional trimming operations, etc.—and FCP X is anything but traditional. Additionally, my work requires a whole lot of After Effects and mixing by myself, so that's a big reason I chose Premiere over Avid and FCP X. Additionally, I like the option of not being glued to OS X, even though it is presently my favorite OS.

Specific things in FCP X I didn't like are how it handles media management, Motion files, audio editing, the built-in color options, and I had a lot of stability issues on the machines I've run it on.

On the other hand, I cut a documentary in school, as well as several smaller projects in FCP X and there were definitely things I like about it. I really like how it handles online/offline automatically. I LOVE the keywording system. And editing in it is just fun—it feels different, and it's fun to work in. And even though the way editing is done in it just isn't for me, I really like that they tried something different, and I'm glad that's working for folks.

And the last thing is how easy it is to use if you're new to video. Since it has the capabilities of doing so much automatically for a user, it's a good solution for a hobbyist or someone new to editing, with endless room in it for them to grow as an editor.

It's a professional tool that is really approachable—the anti-Avid!

September 10, 2014 at 1:01PM

David S.

I used it for about three months before I switched over to Premiere. I really liked it at the time but I just didn't like the way it editing the timeline worked. Don't get me wrong - it still was really great and everything, it just didn't match the way that I worked. The one thing that I really miss from it is the color corrector. I think that it is a lot more intuitive than anything in Premiere.

That said the main reason why I switched to Premiere and have stayed there was that I also use After Effects. The dynamic linking option between Premiere and After Effects is amazing and makes things a lot easier. I also like how Premiere has constant updates with the Creative Cloud and release them when they get them done instead of waiting for another version to come out next year.

If you are just doing editing and don't touch After Effects than I think that FCPX is a great program to use, especially if it works for you. If you do a lot with After Effects than FCPX maybe isn't the best option, but it still is a great option.

September 10, 2014 at 3:11PM

Aaron Allsop

I use it all the time and really love it. It took a bit of getting used to at first, and some things were a little rough in the first few versions, but lately it’s been pretty much fully featured and working really well for me. If you’re a one-man post-production crew, I think it’s great, and can yield some really fast turnarounds.

Once you get used to the magnetic timeline, I find it very fast to edit with. I love it for being able to try out different ideas, see how clips or segments work in a different order, it’s really quick for that. It does take some getting used to if you’re used to using other NLEs though.

I recommend taking an online tutorial course on it. One that walks you through importing and organizing your footage (as others have said, the keywording is fantastic once you learn how it works), editing with the magnetic timeline, and other tricks.

For those that have commented on the media management, I have to agree that I didn’t like the media management the way they used to have it, but they changed it in a recent update just a few months ago and it’s much better now. I actually like it now.

I think there is a 30-day trial available on Apple’s website. Give it a spin. See what you think. Let us know if you have any questions about using it.

September 11, 2014 at 12:16PM

Ryan Toyota
Graphic Designer / Typographer / Video Editor

I like it. If you are new to video production but already competent with photography and audio it is an easy way to get stuff done. Interface is very similar to Ableton Live - based around UX. For photography and general design work I prefer Adobe but for making videos FCPX is easy to learn and yields good results. If you don't have good footage and audio then no software will enable you to make a good video - for someone starting out I would suggest getting good at camera and sound while using this user friendly software to edit! Plus it's super cheap, £200 one off payment is awesome value.

September 26, 2014 at 2:28PM


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