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Finding Jobs on Film Sets

There's tons of articles about how to get an entry level job on a film set, but where is a good place to actually search and find job opportunities?

I've been searching on craigslist, but I feel like I'm missing a lot of opportunity to work on projects that haven't posted on craigslist.

I'm hoping just to get my foot in the door and network with other film makers so it could lead to more projects and bigger roles for me.

Please help!

I live in the bay area btw.

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The Bay area has a pretty large high budget commercial crowd. Just like most high budget environments, I've heard its rather hard to break into without proper credits. I would suggest cold-calling a few local production companies and offering to intern. Obviously, you have Lucasfilm that you could always reach out to as they're based in San Francisco. I'm sure a quick Google search of local production companies will lead you to something.

As far as websites to find production jobs, I recommend checking out as well as They both offer a variety of local film production listings. And worst case scenario, you could always contact your local film office for information on crew calls.

September 10, 2014 at 6:28PM

Aidan Gray
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