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Fixed Camera for Food Prep Station

Hello everyone, I have been given the task of trying to find a solution to something I know little about. I work for a K-12 school district (Network Administrator) and we have a brand new Culinary Arts kitchen that we would like to have a camera configured to broadcast what is being done on the food prep station. The camera itself needs to be able to be plugged in so as to not have to worry about battery issues. The option to record to an onboard card would be a nice feature as well. The broadcasted images need to go to a couple of monitors/tvs in the classroom itself. I wasn't sure if something like a document camera would be the right way to go, or if there was something else out there that would better suit our needs. Any help/suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


What is the price range? Is it a live broadcast?

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I don't think that they have a set limit on what to spend on it. The broadcast will be live but probably just to the classroom that is the extension of the kitchen. The students not at the prep station could then watch the chef or another student preparing a meal. The ability to save the video would be nice so that we could upload it somewhere to be viewed at a later time, but not a deal breaker. Thanks again for your time. I also contacted the local Culinary Institute of America to see if they have any suggestions and to see what they have in place that may be similar.

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That can be a bit tricky, and exactly what you need to do depends on a lot of variables.

HDMI doesn't like to go much farther than 10M so that's a no-go for just about any scenario.
If it can be "closed circuit" and the destination is within 100M of the camera, a camera with HD SDI output would be ideal. I assume it needs to be good but not top quality, so if there's plenty of light, a Panasonic AG-AC160A or similar should work nicely but you will need an SDI to HDMI converter on the TV end. Don't get a "Black Magic" or "BrightEye" converter, they tend to be glitchy.
If you need longer cable runs or multiple destinations, you can add an SDI distribution amp but you will need an SDI to HDMI converter for each TV, which gets pricey.
Otherwise, you'd need an ATSC encoder and modulator to jack into analogue CCTV lines that can be plugged directly into HDTVs without converters.

If you can go standard def, it gets MUCH simpler. In a pinch, I worked at a venue that where we ran the composite outputs of a semi-pro camera into a VCR to convert it to "channel-3" and fed multiple TVs that way. You can also explore network security cameras but don't expect a good image/sound and you would need a computer to record.

You will probably want to invest in some lighting and audio gear as well but I can't make any recommendations without seeing a diagram and some pics of the environment.

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Thanks for your help. I had an initial contact with someone that works for the Cullinary Institute and he told me that they have several configurations in each of their locations and that he would get with someone on his team to get together something that sounds appropriate for our application. I will post on here what they come up with. Thanks for the ideas, at least I know where to begin looking. The room isn't totally complete yet, so I am not sure about lighting and/or mounting locations for the gear. The 10m distance might be within the distance of the monitors. I guess I could just run HDMI out from camera and then split it. We have used the Cat5 HDMI extenders before on some digital signage monitors if that distance is too far.

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OK, that sounds good.

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