August 21, 2016 at 7:02AM


Forum Moderation - A new post. Old Idea.


I'm on the verge of leaving the website and no longer interacting on here.
I don't know how many people feel similar to me here - But this forum is a wonderful resource for all, so many talented people here, but there a few people who will go out of the way to cause irritation, negative impacts & literally abuse you.
Some people are so tunnel visioned in their way of thinking if you think anyother way to them - they'll call you a dumb idiot for it.

This is NOT what posting on a forum is about. Calling people stupid, or dumb for doing X, Y or Z is not a helpful environment to be in.

When new members join this website and browse the forum and articles (In the last couple of months i've introduced a few people to it) They've all said the same thing "Awesome. The forum is full of people attacking each other however"

I want moderators. People to balance out a conversation and silence a thread if need be. To stop abuse or negative comments.

Feedback is great. Critique is brilliant. Give them, by ALL means. But do NOT call people idiots, dumbasses, stupid etc because they have a different opinion TO YOU.

This has happened so much over the last few months. Things NEED to change.

Please either upvote this or comment on it your thoughts.

There are a few issues yes - Who becomes administrators etc, but that's things we can flesh out in the future.

This is a great forum, let's keep it that way and help silence abuse and attacks on here.


Nobody? No body agrees at all?

September 7, 2016 at 9:31AM, Edited September 7, 9:31AM


Thats what I'm talking about. Straight up abuse.

I've stuck up for you and have been friendly with you before dude.

I just want this website to be friendly again, and stop comments like this. It isn't just a website, some people take home what you call them and it angers/upsets them.

This isn't a flaw in their character, it's a flaw in yours for no realising you're just being a straight up dick.

There is a right way to do things you're correct, but insulting other people isn't the right way forward, nor is it constructive or helpful in anyway shape or form.

Learn a thing or two? Gain some experience? I've got plenty thanks, as I expect you have some to draw on too - But we're from different parts of the world with totally different experiences, hence we are (and so is everyone else) Different people -

if your response (You always tend to check) is just an abusive one or a sarcastic *wake up hippy* Kinda thing, please do save it and abuse or insult someone else.

You haven't won nor are you winning by being nasty, you just make yourself look like an ass hat.

David David

September 8, 2016 at 1:36AM

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