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G85 Worth the $$$, Nature Cinematography

I'm looking into finding a good, budget camera for filmmaking trying to stay under or at the $1000 dollar mark. I have been looking at both dslr cameras and mirrorless options.

I mainly shoot out of doors in varying environments in a "run-and-gun" style I would say. This will act as an upgrade from using point and shoot handheld camcorders and action cams to something that can be a little more professional. My main objectives are to shoot films showcasing little know natural features in a cinematic way that can help to promote recreation and conservation in my local community.

I may been stuck on mirrorless cameras, but 4k I feel that is hard to beat. Especially in a varying-condition-style based on capturing locations and scenery in an HD, never before seen way.

Someday I will probably do studio work with more controllable conditions, and I would love a camera for that too, but now my inspiration is in the Natural World.

The more I research the topic the more I realize that I will also have to spend more on a microphone than I was thinking, nbd, but still, I would just like to know if mirrorless cameras are the way to go, if weather sealing is worth the additional cost. Is the Panasonic G85 is worth the 1K, better than the g9 or should I be looking into other cameras (Canon Rebel's and Sonys ) before pulling the gun on a nice camera that cost a grand?


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Panasonic m43 mirrorless cameras are hard to beat in their price category. The GH4 (which is now nicely discounted due to impending GH5 release) and the G85 are winners. However, your $1000 price ceiling is low compared to the cost of building even a modest m43-based system. If $1000 is your absolute ceiling, I'd look hard at the SONY RX100 V.

If your budget is $1000 for the camera body and more for lenses, I'd go with a Panasonic m43 camera and then use this guide to pick lenses:

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