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Getting a Film look on DSLR

I'm trying to make a short film with a Nikon 5200 Dslr. It is all I have at the moment. And I want the film too look like it was shot on film. Now I know it can't look 100% like film but I'm trying to get the digital footage as close to film as possible.
any suggestion and guidance on how to achieve this would be appreciated ( even if it is in post producation )


The easiest way to do it ( but not the cheapest way ) is to use software like FilmConvert that allows you to map your DSLR color-space to the color-space of actual film-stock emulsions. It also allows you to add variable amounts of film-like grain to your footage, so the end result is looks a lot like film footage.

Film Convert : $200 ( PhotoShop plug-in is $100, but I don't know if it can be used for video footage )

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

First, you need to take care of basics: are you already shooting 23.976...? if you don't know about the basics, read "The DSLR Cinematography Guide" [link at the bottom of nofilmschool]

(2) you need to take care of AUDIO, I know it's tempting to jump into making astheticaly pleasing visuals, but AUDIO matters a LOT ! don't discount it !

(3) if you want to achieve film look, you need cinematic camera movements. Take care of that and finally...

(4) the film look that you see in most of movies/tv series is called teal orange. Take a look at this tutorial:

Or search any "color grading teal orange" and they are basically telling you the same thing.

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I have to disagree, The film look comes from lighting, composition and editing primarily. Shooting 24p like film helps. If you do those things, then pretty much anything you use for a camera will look like film and if you don't do those things, even film won't look like film.

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actually I do agree with the other posts

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