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Question about Gh4 Academy Ratio (4:3)

Hi everyone,

I'm likely going to be picking up a GH4 soon. One feature I'm excited for is 4:3 for anamorphic shooting. But I also really like shooting 1:33:1 or 1:37:1, and I'm curious if it's better to shoot 4:3 mode to get the ratio I want, or shoot 16:9 and crop. I hear 4:3 doesn't use the whole sensor and increases the crop factor? Does that mean I'd be better off shooting 16:9?

There's also no chance I'd later decide to turn a 4:3 project into a 16:9 project, but shooting 16:9 does allow for some horizontal adjustment in post. Not something I'm too worried about, but it could come in handy.



There's always an advantage to having extra pixels lying around for reframing purposes. Over in the RED world it's become quite standard to shoot 6K for a 5K frame and a 4K finish. We always do our best to fill the frame with our shots, but it's always nice to have options in post.

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I guess the question I'm really asking is, does anyone know what the actual resolution of 4:3 4k mode is? Is it vertically the same as 16:9? And is there a difference in crop factor? Are there any advantages to actually shooting 4:3?

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