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GH4 with nikkor AIS lenses

Hello people,

I'm thinking about buying GH4, and thinking about Nikkor AIS family :) If someone is using this set(I know you are using :) ) can you send me links to videos with this set :) also it would be great if someone will send me raw ungraded footage with these lenses :) all nikkors with GH4 are welcome :) You can send me via wetransfer, my email is :)

Waiting for results :)

Best of luck for all :)

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I shoot with a GH4 with Lumix, Samyang, and 8 Nikon AI-S lenses, but all of my footage is paid corporate work that is owned by the client, so I can't give anything out.

I've been DOP on a few Indie projects, but these were shot before I bought my GH4 last year. ( these aren't my projects either, so I couldn't give out any footage )

The look from the GH4 totally depends on how the camera is set and how good the DOP is with lighting.

To see what this camera can do I would check out the Vimeo GH4 Group which has almost three thousand videos online, but I doubt people will post direct camera footage unless it's a technical test.

As far as Nikon AI-S lenses go, they have a slightly "warmer" color balance than Olympus or Panasonic Micro 4/3 lenses do, they are well corrected optically ( so you won't see much if any chromatic aberration ), they have softer contrast ( which I think is a better look than the new Micro 4/3 lenses ), and they have less resolution. ( also a better look than Micro 4/3 lenses when it comes to creating a cine look ) The manual aperture and manual focus is also better for cine work, and if you use the Metabones G adapters ( both regular adapter or SpeedBooster adapter ) to mount Nikon AI-S lenses to your camera you have step-less aperture control from widest to smallest aperture. ( set your Nikon lens to it's smallest aperture and then use the Metabones aperture control ring to adjust the exact aperture )

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