April 30, 2015 at 1:09PM



With a 3,000 budget, which one should I buy - GH4 or BMCC?

I just love shooting narrative for short films. Should I get GH4 with a good lens (perhaps voigtlander) or BMCC? I know about blackmagic's cons. I also own a microphone, but no lenses. Planning to buy Ronin M as well in the future.

One second I'm into blackmagic's picture, the next second I'm cringing from its drawbacks. Help me, suggest which one I should buy and accessories I have to purchase in the future (speedbooster, etc.) Is it really worth it to have blackmagic despite its cons? And can I also achieve similar picture blackmagic produces with a gh4 and a good lens? Thinking of a long-term camera. Thank you soo much!

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