January 17, 2019 at 4:03AM


Gimbal choice for BMPCC4K

Hi, I got my BMPCC4K for a period. Now want a gimbal for stable shooting but there are too many choices. My friends recommended brands such as Ronin-S, Crane and MOZA and I'm confused now. What caught my eyes was the MOZA Air X. It looked so cool on their official website but there seemed no order or buy button and finally I found that it has not been sold now.
But their MOZA Air 2 seemed nice, too. https://www.gudsen.com/showitem?id=118. But I can't get the compatibility with BMPCC4K from their page.
I'm interested in the external charging function and the so called 8 follow modes, and the reviews you guys shared about moza air 2 and BMPCC4K looked great too.
Has anyone used and experienced it yet? Do I have to buy extra adapter to fit them? Is it worth buying?
Thanks in advance for all your advice and opinions. :)

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