December 4, 2019 at 5:03AM


GoPro Hero 7

I have already read a thousand different blogs about the new goPro, my Hero 3 is still showing good results, but since time does not stand still I would like something more modern, respectively, with a wide range of functions.

I love traveling and active sports. But since my main activity is writing articles, essays and also do the editing work. Then I can easily pick you up narrative essay topics but I can’t choose a new camera for myself. So i want to buy Hero 7 black but still not sure about this.

Significantly improved stabilization.
Superphoto to add the best shots.
Live streaming added a new “Share” feature.
Improved interface.
Slightly improved update.

There are no improvements in battery life.

Hero 7 does not contain many new shooting modes or image enhancement functions, but it has several key settings that make the camera interesting for both new and old users. The SuperPhoto feature makes GoPro an excellent choice for working with photos, and the addition of streaming is a plus for everyone.

The first and best update for Hero 7 Black is the improved stabilization (which GoPro calls HyperSmooth). Sony introduced optical stabilization for its action cameras in the fall of 2016, and GoPro followed suit on the Hero 5 camera shortly thereafter. The difference was that GoPro used electronic stabilization (EIS) rather than optical stabilization. This difference is important, since optical stabilization occurs at the lens, while EIS works with software and camera. The stabilization of Hero 5 is considered one of the best, but still produces visible effects, like Jell-o, which usually appear at the edges of the picture.

Hero 7 stabilization works thanks to the GoPro GP1 smart processor. The camera is surrounded by overlays that prevent the image from getting blurred even from jolts. Without a doubt, this greatly improves the quality of the footage.

Although there are more specific benefits. For example, GoPro is a much more versatile device. You can take a simple snapshot only with it . No need to mess around with pendants or carry them with you. You can turn on it and start recording with one touch. So shooting can be much more spontaneous, and the chances of shooting something useful increase significantly.

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