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Hacked GH2 vs GH3

Could anyone give me a comparison of a hacked GH2 and GH3. What does a hacked GH2 have that is especially useful for filmmakers? Are there drawbacks? Particularly interested in real world experience. I hear that the GH3 has a lot more battery life.


I shot with a couple of hacked GH2 cameras for about 2 years, then moved up to the GH3, and today I shoot mainly with the GH4. ( I still own a GH3 camera I use for B-roll shots )

The main benefits of a hacked GH2 are...
- Extremely sharp image with tons of detail
- Good color image
- High bit-rate recording ( reliable high detail images )
- Almost no moire in the video image ( much better than most cameras )
- You can shoot one take as long as your battery lasts and memory card is not full

Battery life with a GH2 is about 80+ minutes for a fully charge Panasonic battery.

No headphone jack in the GH2 which makes in-camera audio monitoring impossible.

The main benefits of a GH3 camera are...
- Much better color than GH2 ( especially with photographs )
- High bit-rate recording
- One F-stop better with low-light than GH2 ( still not great, but better )
- Weather sealed body, so you can shoot in rain or snow, etc...
- Headphone jack to monitor audio
- 3+ hours of battery life, so 3 hour single takes are possible.

The GH3 is more likely to show moire in the video image than the GH2, which was my only real complaint with the GH3, otherwise it's a great camera.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Also GH3 has native 1080p 50/60 fps and I believe it has 1/48 shutter speed too. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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