February 6, 2019 at 12:57AM


Has cannon become a lazy convenience for film and television studios?

It's like with any medium from Star Trek to Star Wars, DC to Marvel, animation to live action, books to adoptions that studios only want to cherry pick certain things but disregard a generation of quality storytelling and successful releases.

I think cannon should be done away with as it is nothing more than a restriction on creativity, who decides what is cannon in a particular medium, is it those doing individual pieces are is it brand wide from the top, I would think that people can be grown up enough and make up their own minds about how something fits into a particular timeline and what should or shouldn't make sense in the context of a particular story

If studios or film makers or writers are good enough then they should be able to write anything in a coherent way so that anything is plausible and believable in any setting, if you think of the best science fiction ever made, you can always find ways to fit that into real life because the stories and characters are grounded and strong enough as to get away with it

Verisimilitude states that if you put enough foundation or framework into your story then you can believe anything on screen or in real life, like believing a cute young boy called Damien from a wealthy family could be the antichrist or a man called Clark Kent who lives on a farm can fly and shoot lasers

Cannon is just a convenient thing these days so they can say, oh that doesn't matter nowadays because 2019 when in previous decades these things definitely did matter and were successful

Anyone else find the bizarre irony in all this?

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