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Help me decide which camera to get

Hi newbie to video shooting. I got a 7d from my dad (he bought a 5d IV) with a tamron 17-50 2.8

I want a camera for video 80% photo 20%

I have several options :
Keep it as it is and install magic lantern on it
Sell it and buy another camera instead

I was thinking about panasonic gx 80/85 because it is

Light/ small
Good iq ( good enough for me)
Has ibis ( must have feature for me)

Cons of keeping the canon : big heavy, and ML seems to be a pain in the ass to use. Also no autofocus and no IBIS for video which are 2 major features i am looki g for.
Pros of canon : gorgeous image / colors

Can the panasonic produce a nice bookeh like the canon does ?
If so which lenses should I get with it ?
Any other good camera video oriented that I should look into?
Dismissed the A6300 because no ibis more expensive overheating issues heavier lenses and comparable IQ to the panasonic.
Also dismissed the blackmagic pocket

I would install ML just to try it out but i I am afraid it would diminish the resale value of the canon ?

Tldr :
I am looking for a portable video capable camera.
Budget around 1k. With 1 all around lens.
Must have IBIS ,video autofocus and nice cinematic image my phone can't produce (bookeh)

I Will use it mainly for travel.
I am not in a hurry and i can wait if a good camera is to be released soon (gh5?)
Not against a camcorder either

Thanks for inputs


If you haven't shot much, you might want to stick with your Canon 7D to get some experience with it.

There have been two feature films that were entirely shot with the Canon 7D camera...

Tiny Furniture (2010) : https://goo.gl/qiPq68

Like Crazy (2010) : https://goo.gl/W07j10

So I would not say that using the 7D will hold you back, but it might make life a little harder compared to newer cameras. ( but then you don't have to spend any money )

I would consider keeping your 7D camera and spending your money on audio or lighting gear, which is just as important as your camera when you're trying to make a great film.

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Guy McLoughlin
Video Producer

Ok thanks. You could even say i am a total beginner.
But I do not want to shoot feature films. Just an allround / travel camera. So I won't get audio and lightning stuff. I will probably get magic lantern though and keep the camera for a while until I decide. Thanks a lot

October 15, 2016 at 1:41AM


I don't expect you to shoot feature films with your 7D, I only mentioned that two feature films have been shot with this camera to give you some idea about the actual image quality the 7D can capture. In other words, if it's good enough for feature films it's probably good enough for almost anything you want to shoot.

...If I wanted a camera that has built-in 5-axis stabilization for casual shooting when you just want to whip it out and shoot an event, then it would probably boil down to three cameras :

Panasonic GX85 : Shoots 4K, built-in 5-axis stabilization ( and dual IS with a stabilized lens ), very compact body. $800 US with kit lens.

Panasonic G85 : Shoots 4K, built-in 5-axis stabilization ( and dual IS with a stabilized lens ), standard DSLR type body, MIC input, weather-proof. ( rain won't bother it ) $1,000 US with kit lens.

Sony A6500 : Shoots 4K, built-in 5-axis stabilization, includes LOG image profile, 14 stops of dynamic range, compact body, MIC input, weather-proof. ( rain won't bother it ) $1,550 US with kit lens.

I would check to see if the A6500 fixes the overheating / rolling-shutter problems that the A6300 has before investing in this camera. We should know soon once professionals start posting reviews with an actual production A6500 camera.

Guy McLoughlin

October 15, 2016 at 6:42AM

The A6500 or gh4 and once u take out the sd card with ML on it its gone so resale vcalue should be the same

October 16, 2016 at 12:47AM


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