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Hocus pocus focus. A7sii and super crappy AF

I'm a newb. Super green. A client has asked me to film some stuff (knowing that I'm inexperienced with video) but they trust my creative approaches with other things I handle for them.

I'm trying to learn as much as possible and soaking up a good bit of information. Initial tests on fixed subjects look awesome after grading.

One big frying pan to the face was realizing that my Sony A7sii isn't really a great solution for a one-man operation if the subject (or myself) is moving around. Even harder if I have to sling the camera around in a ronin m.

So exposing my ignorance here's a basic question that I could use the knowledge of the board members here:

Is there a realistic way of filming a subject with this camera (Sony A7sii) in a gimbal without a follow focus? AF isn't a solution - it sucks. How is everyone else dealing with this challenge? I can't imagine everyone shooting with this camera with a ronin or stedicam has a second operator dealing with focus.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Use a wide angle lens, use a small aperture to get a greater depth of field and then when the subject moves try at least to keep a similar distance to the subject.

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Cary Knoop

The only larger sensor cameras I've played with that have reliable AF are the Canon 70D / 80D / C100 Mk2. The 70D / 80D don't produce the nicest video image, but they really are about the only affordable cameras with solid AF. ( the C300 Mk2 has state of the art video AF, but it's in a whole other price category )

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