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How to achieve smooth camera movement on a budget.


I'm wondering how I can somehow recreate the camera movement similar to the one used in this video:

From the behind scenes photos, I've seen they've a Steadicam.

I own a sony a7sii and a ronin m. I thought about renting out an easyrig but I guess the setup will be too light for it to have the desired effect. Same thing goes for a Steadicam. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Renting a dolly is a possibility since the location has really nice floors. Could you perhaps suggest a model which is lightweight and relatively cheap to rent?

Thanks in advance for the comments



Easyrigs are used to help camera operators operate for longer periods of time with large cameras on their shoulders - NOT for stabilizing. In fact, the way it works is by shifting the weight from your back / shoulders to your hips and your hips move quite a lot when you walk. When you see gimbals mounted on Easyrigs it's usually on longer shoots, perhaps documentary, where the operator needs to be ready with the gimbal and camera at all times / longer periods.

It definitely does sound like a dolly would suit your needs, but I've also operated quite a few gimbals, the Ronin M included, and I don't see why you couldn't get pretty much the same result with the gimbal alone. It takes practice balancing and operating, but it's definitely possible.

March 9, 2018 at 1:20PM

Tobias N
Director of Photography

Thanks for the answer, and what you said it’s definitely true. The whole video will be shot in one long take thus the easy rig could be useful.

I’ve used the ronin m a lot and the thing I’m scared about is getting rid of the „walking” motion. With steadicams you can minimize it using the vest and the arm and I though that easyrig would also help with that.

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