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How do FilmConvert, Impuls Lutz and RedGiant Mojo differ from each other ?

How do FilmConvert, Impuls Lutz and Redgiant Mojo differ from each other ?
And which would you choose for what ? Can they be used in combination with each other ?

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These are three very, very different things.

FilmConvert is a comprehensive plugin (or standalone program) that tries to take into account your camera's unique color science and applies a tailored color and contrast curve to emulate a specific stock of film. They also offer a variety of film grain, and basic color correction, like a three-way color corrector. It's also the most expensive of the three.

Red Giant Mojo is a really simple plugin that offers a small set of sliders with the intention of creating a heavily-graded action movie look. It doesn't HAVE to end up looking like that, but it is designed to create a heavy grade quickly.

I've never used Impulz Luts, but my understanding is it's just a set of LUTs you apply through whatever LUT utility your NLE has. The LUTs are tailored for different cameras and settings.

For making shots from different cameras match, and fine-tuning a "film look", FilmConvert is the tool for the job. It's the strongest option of the three, in my opinion, but also the most expensive and could easily be overkill if you want something simpler.

For quick-and-dirty grading—to go from in-camera to Michael Bay with very little in-between—Red Giant Mojo is built to do just this, but also (I think) intended to be a part of a larger suite of tools, like Colorista II and/or Looks.

I haven't used Impulz Luts, so don't take this advice too seriously—but Impulz Luts' main benefit is price. So, to get a film-like colors for cheap, this looks like a good tool. It doesn't add grain, offers limited customization (basically, only the intensity of the LUT), and has a slightly smaller selection of camera calibrations. But, it's as cheap as $53.

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