June 30, 2019 at 4:02PM


How do I find indie film makers looking for a good story when you're not a screenwriter?

I am breaking the rule and admitting I am not posting under my real name because of the sensitivity of what I'm asking about... I think I have a great average guy real-life story of how the sugar daddy world can destroy everything in a man's life. My friends said "write a book!" And, I started to. Then I thought... someone might want to make a documentary. I really think it's a good story. It's everything you can imagine. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. How do I find interested parties without revealing more detail than I already have? Near Ann Arbor, MI a plus. I'm on a 120-day deadline to rebuild my life so I'm looking for someone that wants to partner with me and tell my story in one way or another.

If someone reading this is interested, let me know. I actually do have something I guess you could call "pitch" material I could share with an NDA.

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