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How do I get a job in the film industry?

So I'm about to go into film school this upcoming year and want to set myself on the right path. Ever since I was young I have been fascinated about animals. And ever since I began making films I knew what my dream job would be. I believe the proper name for the position is a wildlife videographer, but as a kid I always just said I wanted to work for National Geographic filming animals (Lol). But now that I am am graduating from high school I want to follow this dream I have always had, but have no clue were to start.
From my experience, connections are the best way to get into the field; however, what I really want to know is what do they look for in people to become a wildlife videographer for lets say Discovery or Nat Geo? I've searched the internet trying to gain knowledge that would help guide me, but really can't find allot of information that is very useful. Now I haven't really stated a specific enough question because there are so many I have; however, in the simplest terms I am asking:

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Not an easy answer.
To get inspired, you should search the wildlife videographers you admire and search their bios. So you can see how they ended working for the NatGeo/Discovery etc. Naturally you should become a great documentary cinematographer first, learn your tools, and develop a style towards non-fiction medium. In film school your short films should be docs. After graduating, hopefully you will have a nice reel to show, in order to shoot some bigger projects. Maybe even get in touch with the wildlife videographers you admire and offer yourself to assist them in their next shot. Even as an intern/production assistant, you could get some valuable, on-the-field experience. Get in touch with ecology/Earth-preserving NGOs and volunteer to do a few short films for them, so you get some original content... then you will be a wildlife videographer.

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