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How to go about making my first short?

I am planning to shoot my first short. And I do not have any experience of directing or camera works or audio/video processing at all. All i have is a decent script and a vision.

I want to do the editing myself and hire/outsource the rest .

So here are few questions:
1. What are the free/cheap editing softwares that might come handy?
2. Is having a MacBook necessary for the same?
3. What gears should i look for while hiring the camera man and sound guy?
4. Any hacks , whatsoever, that might make life a little bit easier for me?
5. Any suggestions for Audio/Video Processing? (Color correction/grading, Sound Design/mixing)

P.S. I am saving money for this first short of mine one penny at a time.

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1) free softwares I recommend DaVinci Resolve or HitFilm (or, if you will do more than one short or project, get the Adobe CC Suite, look for some webpages of filmmaking for a student discount)
2)NO... I do everything on a PC (because I prefer it), but depending on the software, you'll need a powerful one (check the requirements of the software you'll get)
3) Almost every filmmaker will tell you that the equipment is the least important thing (and it's true), more importantly is the experience or the capacity of your crew (a good DP will make great shots even when you only have a smartphone, same for the sound)
4) Make a good pre-production and trust your team.
5) Watch references of how you want your film to look like (for example, if you want a film noir, watch film noir movies with special attention) and do the research (is incredible how YouTube have tutorials on how to achieve looks for everything in post production). For sound, in few words, learn perfectly how equalization, compression, reverb and panning works.

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