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How to judge good editing without knowing the editor's decisions/ Criteria for the Academy Awards?

Regarding this article, I would like to pose a more general question, that is in my head for a long time and that is just in time before the Academy Awards are taking place: how to judge good editing (and give an Oscar for that ...), if you can't comprehend all the editing process from the very beginning to the very end? Unfortunately you don't see which frames are left out / put into the rubbish / preferred regarding to others takes / changed in chronology / are liked more from the editor than from the director. What you can actual see is: rhythm, perspective changes, preciseness, interplay with sound and music and so on. But the hidden and the past decisions you don't see. So: how does the committee work? Are they comparing the script with each scene? What further research do they do? I would be glad, if you could tell me more about this!

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It is a private organization and it is doubtful they feel the need to explain outsiders how exactly they determine who will receive their prices. It is called freedom of choice!

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